Silver and Silver Plate

Silver Plated
Sugar Tongs
GT‑005 £28

Vesta case
GT‑006 £58

London 1841
Silver Pounce Pot
N‑008 £165

Silver Plated
Grapefruit Spoons
ANG‑007 £25

Birmingham 1919
Silver Watch Fob
N‑48 £32

Silver Plated
1867 Beaker
N‑011 £95

Silver Plated
Coffee Pot
SKF‑007 £12

Silver Plated
Sardine Server
CK‑007 £14

Sampson Mordan
Deco Cigar Piercer
MC‑003 £68

Silver Victorian
Pin Tray
ANG‑003 £23

Vesta Case
JS‑015 £30

1903 Silver
Fruit Knife
SL‑004 £26
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