About Us

The Antiques Centre opened in 1987 after extensive renovation. Built around 1590 the Tudor building is believed to once have been a monastery with land reaching down to Hampden Pond on the Witchell. Before our tenure it housed the Wendover Post Office which moved further down the High Street in 1980. It had been empty for seven years, so there was much to do, uncovering inglenook fireplaces, upstairs and down, exposing wall paintings and discovering a spiral wooden staircase hidden behind panelling and the Old Post Office safe.

There are stories of ghosts around the old house. Several customers have told us of a little girl called Victoria who wears a white nightgown and has bare feet. She follows them as they walk around the Antiques Centre. A grumpy old man, who’s very rustic and may be a farmer. Luckily he is not angry with us as he likes what we have done to restore the building! There are other stories, so if you have a feeling for the paranormal perhaps you should visit, it might be an interesting experience.

We have been here for 35 years and many dealers have come and gone, but many have stayed and are still with us today. Originally we had a Dateline of 1940, but with the interest in Vintage and Retro, that is no longer possible. Our 35 dealers carry a very varied stock and are encouraged to maintain standards of quality, and authenticity. Through this we have built up an excellent reputation through the years. There is very little you can’t find here, but if we don’t have what you are looking for we will do our best to source it for you.

We have Eric, a toy monkey, who hides away from the children who visit, if they find him (and they always do) they choose a toy from Eric’s box. Eric hides in a different place every month!

We also have a free monthly Mystery Object Competition which anyone can enter. The prize is a £10 Gift Voucher.

Drive through the archway to our car park behind the Antiques Centre. Here you will find our Barn Courtyard with garden antiques, an artist’s studio, the Barn Gallery, several independent shops and the Lady Grey Tea Room.

Antiques At .. Wendover

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday – 10am to 5:30pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays – 11am to 5pm

Closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day


Antiques At . . Wendover,
The Old Post Office,
25 High Street,
Wendover, HP22 6DU,